Mountain Directory: A Guide For Truckers, RV And Motorhome Drivers



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Travel with safety – safety from knowledge and information about navigating through the Mountain Grades and Terrain.

“From time to time, humorists writing in RV literature will gleefully make hay out of the concept of an RV hurtling down a mountainside using G forces to describe the speed rather than miles per hour. However, the reality of brake failure in the mountains, as those who have experienced it will attest, is not the least bit funny. For the RV tackling the Rockies and other western ranges, this directory would be an invaluable reference.” RV Times

“Mountain Directory is well put together, easy to use, and prepares the user for driving in the mountains. When it comes to personal safety and protecting the investments made in RVs and motorhomes, drivers would be well served to keep this book handy.” National Motorists Association News

Mountain Directory for Truckers, RV, and Motorhome Drivers… Wow! With a name that long, this book better provide a service to RVers—and it does.” Jim Brightly, Managing Editor, Motorhome

“It’s bound to provide the traveler with knowledge and peace of mind….. Here’s a book that should be located next to every rig’s navigator… Keep this book handy during your travels.” Bob Carter, RV Today

“…. should definitely be included in your RV library… chock full of information… our traveling columnists have already made excellent use of this directory.” Camping Canada

Mountain Directory …. was specifically written for drivers of RVs and other heavy vehicles. The text, accompanied by maps pinpointing locations, describes how steep and long each grade is, plus other pertinent details.” Trailer Life

“… let me tell you straight: this book applies to you.” Bill Farlow, Woodall’s Southern RV

“Fear Heights No More” “While the publishers are the fist to admit that it would be nearly impossible to list every steep hill in the western United States, Mountain Directory covers most grades that are long enough and steep enough to pose a problem to RVs.” Coast to Coast

“Motorhome drivers and truckers have very similar problems involving steep grades, weight, brakes, etc., and part of the solution is knowledge about the hills before you get there.”Family Motor Coaching

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